IPE Facilitator Resources

Role of the IPE Facilitator

  • Promote the benefits of IP learning for teamwork and patient care
  • Provide direction and focus towards the learning objectives without making decisions for the group
  • Encourage and reinforce interaction and collaboration
  • Model and reward the skills necessary for good IP teamworking, such as mutual respect and flexibility
  • Provide encouragement and support throughout the learning activity

What Do Facilitators Do?

  • Guide and support learners in interactive, face-to-face learning activities
  • Lead group discussions and provide context from their own practice experiences
  • Assess short learner assignments and reflections and provide feedback
  • Moderate and stimulate online discussions, responding to and commenting on learner posts
  • Participate in curriculum development and revision

Rewards of IPE Facilitation 

  • Gain experience and recieve training in leading educational activities using online interactive tools and environments
  • You can be recognized as a CCHPE faculty associate on our website
  • We will send you a thank you letter documenting all activities and associated hours
  • IPE Facilitation looks great on CVs and teaching dossiers
  • You will build relationships with the next generation of health/social care practitioners
  • You will gain expertise with collaborative care skills that can be applied to your own practice
  • Many facilitators can claim IPE facilitator training as professional development credit hour

For dates and times of Facilitator orientations for the 2022/23 year click here.

Resources for IPE Facilitators

More information about the IPE facilitator commitment can be found in the documents below.

Resource Title



CCHPE Facilitation Recruitment Brochure 2022/23

This document outlines briefly the role and responsibility of a Facilitator, gives an overview of our IPE skills training series and IPE case-based Modules, as well as the IPE activity dates for the 2020/21 year. (pdf)

Recruitment Brochure

Facilitating Interprofessional Education 

This document provides guidelines for the facilittation of interprofessional education including roles and required skills.  It also outlines the importance of collaborative practice. (Word Doc)