Academic Record & MCAT Scores

There are no minimum cumulative averages or MCAT scores; applicants are assessed individually using a holistic approach, however, they must still demonstrate they have the academic ability to be successful in the heavy academic workload that accompanies the undergraduate medical program. An applicant's academic history is considered in conjunction with any factors in their personal experience that could have negatively impacted their academic achievement, including but not limited to, geographic and socioeconomic dynamics.

Applicants must submit unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended with their application, including any transcripts from exchange semesters issued by the institution from which the transfer credits were completed. Unofficial transcripts from the institution where the exchange semester(s) are (were) completed is sufficient for this purpose. If such credits are used as transfer credits at the main institution of the student, the applicant must submit:

  1. unofficial transcripts from each exchange institution
  2. unofficial transcripts from their main institution where they are completing their degree program.

Official transcripts, issued by institutions directly to Memorial University, are only required if an applicant is selected for an interview. Directions for submitting official transcripts are sent with offers of interview.

Memorial seeks the most suitable well-rounded candidates who will be deemed by our Committees to excel as medical students and future physicians. As a result, academics are not the only deciding factor for interview - strong references, work experiences, and or extracurricular activities may be considered by the Interview and Admissions Committees where warranted.

In previous admissions, the average MCAT score was 125-127 (for the NL pool) on each section with an overall average of 85% or higher. Casper scores are typically above the average metric of 0.00.

For grade conversion to Memorial University Grading System, please see grade conversion chart .