Balanced Score Card

Balance Scorecard: A set of metrics used by an organization to capture and evaluate data against
strategic outcomes established in a strategic plan.

A separate strategic project team was established by the Destination Excellence Implementation Steering Team (DEIST) to develop a balanced scorecard, which will be used to track and monitor the metrics that were developed to measure success in the strategic plan. This separate project team is comprised of representatives from other key strategic planning project teams.

In 2020, a series of focus groups took place with various internal stakeholders to solicit input on key metrics across the four strategic pillars of Enduring Legacy, Empowered People, Excellence in All We Do and Improving Lives. The resulting draft scorecard was presented at one of the November 2020 Destination Excellence update and planning days. Feedback from participants was used to finalize the current version of the FoM’s scorecard.

As the scorecard is implemented, all units of the FoM will be asked to provide information required to populate the scorecard. In many cases, the data you will be asked to provide as a unit will already exist. In other instances your unit will have to create a process for collecting the required data. More information will be made available as we finalize processes around the collection of the data we need.
If you have any questions regarding the implementation of our balanced scorecard, please email Steven Bradley at

Steve Bradley Co-chair
Ed Randall Co-chair
Steve Pennell HSIMS
Peter Daley Clinical faculty representative
Lisa Fleet Office of Professional and Educational Development
Janelle Skeard Staff/RGS
Denise Dunphy Library
Michael Grant DMS
Sandra Badcock Distributed Medical Education
Rachel Prowse Division of Community Health and Humanities
Jessica Barron MGSS