Meet Our Staff

Management and Administration

Patricia Mulrooney-Cousins, Ph.D., Manager, Medical Laboratories & Clinical Learning and Simulation Centre  
(709) 864 3360  

Cynthia Skinner - Secretary
(709) 864-6322
Cynthia provides administrative support for all three units at the CLSC and coordinates payroll for our Standardized Patients, and provides other support for our manager.

High Fidelity

Sherry Pritchett-Kelly, B.N.R.N. - High Fidelity Curriculum Coordinator
(709) 864-6286
Sherry coordinates and oversees the High Fidelity Simulation Program within the CLSC. She also collaborates with faculty to develop simulation curriculum and participates in research and evaluation activities.

Standardized Patient Program

SP Educators
Standardized Patient Educators collaborate with faculty and other user groups to design and deliver role plays for students, residents, or other learners to practice and perfect communication and clinical skills. They also recruit and train Standardized Patients and Teaching Patients. Visit the SP Contacts page for a list of SP Educators and their contact information.

Sharon King: (709) 864-4925
Karen Mitchell: (709) 864-6053
Theresa Ricketts: (709) 864-4983
Nikita Strickland: (709) 864-6319
Jackie Turner: (709) 864-6018

Medical Technologists

Barry Trenchard
(709) 864-6303

Barry assists faculty and learners during Surgical Skills events. Barry also supports, maintains and troubleshoots high fidelity mannequins, task trainers, patient simulators, virtual reality and associated equipment within the CLSC.

Audiovisual Services

Robert French
(709) 864-6388

Rob provides PC Support and EMS system support within the CLSC.

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