Accreditation Site Visit Team

Members of the site visit team are appointed by the CACMS Secretariat. All teams have a chair and a secretary. Full visits teams have at least two additional members, including a student representative, a representative of the LCME and when possible, a faculty fellow. 


Team Chair: Typically a current or recent medical school dean. They function as the official voice of the team during the visit and leads its deliberations. 
Team Secretary: Responsible for visit preparations and logistics, functions as the main liaison with the school and compiles the site visit report. 
LCME Member: Represents the LCME on the team.  
Faculty Fellow: Typically has not been on a full site visit previously and has been designated by their school to gain hands-on experience before their school begins its self-study process. Is a full member of the team. 

Accreditation site visit team for Memorial University's 2022 accreditation visit

Chair: Dr. Preston Smith, Dean of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Secretary: Ms. Kate Beatty / CACMS consultant
Member: Ms. Wendy Nicklin, CACMS
LCME representative: TBC
Medical student: Ms. Grace Yin, Queen's University and CACUMS student
Faculty Fellow: Dr. Marie-Hélène Girouard, Université de Montréal
Faculty Fellow: Dr. Cheri Jones-Hiscock, Queen's University FUAL
Field Secretary: Dr. Sheila Harding, University of Saskatchewan
Observer: Dr. Brenda Hammelgarn, Dean of Medicine and Denistry, University of Alberta