Undergraduate Curriculum Review

December 2018 marked the completion of the Undergraduate Medical Education curriculum review and, therefore, the Undergraduate Curriculum Review Project Team has completed its work.

One of the recommendations of the review was to establish a Curriculum Oversight Subcommittee (COS, which is complete. This group assists the UGMS by monitoring curriculum content and objectives, and enhancing, clarifying and maintaining processes related to the ongoing review, monitoring and management of curriculum.

Another recommendation was to reorganize the UGME curriculum into themes integrating physician competencies, clinical skills with basic and clinical sciences as they relate to common clinical encounters and patient symptoms. This recommendation was approved by UGMS and will be implemented for the class of 2023. 


Consistent with the Faculty of Medicine’s Undergraduate Curriculum Review Policy, the Program Evaluation Sub Committee (PESC) was asked to conduct a curriculum review by the Undergraduate Medical Studies Committee (UGMS). It is important to note this is a curriculum review focused on improvements to the existing curriculum, not a curriculum renewal focused on creating a completely new structure.

Many of the principles of Destination Excellence guided the review team’s work including: creating a culture of continuous improvement; ensuring education excellence through the delivery of high quality programming, and fostering an environment where learners thrive; embedding an integrated, coordinated approach to the research curricula; and, ultimately, acknowledging our social responsibility to the various communities we serve.