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  Recommendation Status
27 A new position titled Assistant Dean, Faculty Equity and Wellness be established to provide a leadership focus on understanding, supporting, improving and advancing equity, professionalism and health needs of faculty. The position of Assistant Dean, Faculty Wellness, Equity, and Professionalism has been established.
28 The faculty, Memorial University and the regional health authorities review their affiliation agreements • Ongoing
29 The faculty clearly communicate and make accessible on the website all Memorial University policies and procedures regarding IBH&SH that apply to academic faculty members and all policies and procedures of Memorial University and the regional health authorities regarding IBH&SH that apply to clinical faculty members. Communication of policies and procedures that pertain to academic and clinical faculty is available on the Professionalism & Mistreatment website.
30 The faculty ensure that guidelines and education about the purpose of feedback to clinical faculty by learners and ways learners can provide respectful constructive feedback to faculty be enhanced and implemented at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Chair of the Program Evaluation Subcommittee (PESC) presents to undergraduate learners every year about providing effective feedback for faculty members. With the assistance of Health Science Information and Media Service (HSIMS), PESC is currently developing a series of short videos on providing effective feedback that learners will be able to review throughout the academic year. 
31 Professionalism Working Group ensure that professionalism education initiatives include discussion about respect and understanding towards cultural differences and modes of communication. The Professionalism in Practice (Clinical) module has been reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Social Accountability, and revised accordingly.