Information for Your Well-being Communique

March 31 Improving the well-being of learners, faculty and staff in the Faculty of Medicine
April 2 From preparation to action: getting started
April 7 Connection, belonging, purpose and productivity in the world of physical distancing
April 9 Working-out remotely
April 14 Protecting our well-being means managing distractions and having norms for email
April 16 Learn something new, try something different!
April 21 Embrace uncertainty. Turn creativity into value and growth.
April 24 Your body was made to move - not to sit!
April 28 Why kindness is good for you and others
April 30 The food we eat: For many, a passion to enjoy. For some, a necessity that is lacking.
May 5 Practicing gratitude: Counting your blessings, not your misfortunes
May 7 Nature Heals
May 12 Start running. For your health.
May 14 Can I boost my immune system through my diet?
May 19 Managing your personal finances during a pandemic: Tips and tricks
May 21 Gardening for health and happiness
May 26 Navigating the community as restrictions lift
June 4 Celebrating during COVID-19
June 11 Feeling tired? A new cause of fatigue during COVID-19
June 18 Dear Diary… Rethinking the value of journaling
June 26 Disengaging for Peace of Mind
July 30 Turning Towards Kindness for Brighter Days
Sept 3 Social Media and Well-being: the Likes and Dislikes