Definition of a Nunavut Resident

In order to apply for the one (1) available seat, prospective applicants must either be Canadian Citizens or permanent residents of Nunavut with Nunavut-Inuit ancestry, or be a Non-Inuit resident of the territory, and satisfy ONE of the criteria below, with preference given to Inuit applicants:

1.  Inuit 

Any resident of Nunavut with Inuit ancestry is eligible to apply. Qualifying applicants will be decided by the government of Nunavut.

       2. Non-Inuit

  Applicants must satiisfy all of the following:

i. Have completed all of their K-12 education (Primary through High School graduation) in Nunavut;

ii.Have maintained consistent strong ties with a community in Nunavut (i.e. have family living in the territory, own property, or are currently living in Nunavut, etc.);

iii. Submit a letter of support from the community for their application (i.e. letters from Elders, a letter from community leaders laying out contributions to the community, etc.).

iv. Agree to and sign a return of service agreement with the government of Nunavut

 All applicants will be reviewed by an Elder committee identified by Medical Affairs for decisions on residency acceptability prior to the final decision being made on qualifying for the seat.

Applicants that qualify for the seat should note that a Return of Service Agreement is expected, to be negotiated between the applicant and the government of Nunavut directly, not the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University.  

Your residence status must be indicated at the time of application and you will be notified in writing if the decision differs. Please note that residency criteria are regularly under review and may change from year to year.

All applicants are expected to claim the same place of residence on all applications to medical schools.


Effective June 2023