Applying to Be an SP

Are you interested in applying to be a Standardized Patient (SP)?

  • Do you have a flexible schedule during weekdays?
  • Are you interested in improving the learning opportunities of health care professionals?
  • Are you comfortable speaking in front of a small group of people you don't know?
  • Would you be comfortable wearing a hospital gown and sitting on an exam table, talking to a small group of students?
  • Are you physically healthy and able-bodied? (If not, you may qualify to be a Teaching Patient. Please note that issues in your emotional or mental health history will NOT disqualify you from becoming an SP.)

*Please note: we have a shortage of SPs in the 35-55 age group. Is this you? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

What might disqualify you from being an SP:

  • You fall within an age group that is already over-represented in the Program
  • You have a physical condition that might make it challenging to standardize you with other SPs (if so, please refer to our Teaching Patient program)
  • You've been accepted into medical school

The process:

1. Apply
Complete the application form and submit. All submitted forms are reviewed on a regular basis.
Click here to apply to become a standardized patient.

2. Interview
You will be contacted for a 20-minute in-person interview. Interviews occur twice a year – typically in June and November. (Applicants who do not qualify for the program will also be notified.)

3. After the Interview

  • All applicants will be contacted within one week of their interview
  • Successful applicants will go to their first paid event, a mandatory orientation and feedback workshop
  • Before the workshop, new SPs must:

4. Orientation and Feedback Workshop
Complete all necessary paperwork to become a casual, part-time employee of MUN, and learn how to provide objective feedback to the learner from a patient-centered point of view.

5. Ready for SP Work!
Once you've completed the workshop you are added to the roster of available SPs. You're ready to be recruited and trained for your first SP encounter!