Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates are academic staff members who actively participate in curriculum development or instruction of interprofessional education (IPE) programs and activities coordinated through the Centre. Faculty members from other universities who contribute to IPE at Memorial may also be appointed as Faculty Associates. 

Faculty Associates are reviewed and approved by the Governing Council on an annual basis.  

Our sincere thanks go out to all the associates listed below.

2019/20 Faculty Associates 
Last Name First Name Summary of IPE Involvement
Centre for Nursing Studies  
Beck Megan Facilitator: Module
Brake Nicosia Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Budden Florence Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Chafe Joanne Facilitator: Module
Combden Cheryl Facilitator: Module
Densmore Jennifer Facilitator: Module
Lewis Anne Marie Facilitator: Module
Miller Denise Facilitator: Module
Picco Lisa Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Power Michele Facilitator: Module
Schofield Gladys Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Senior Suzanne Facilitator: Module
Smart Amanda Facilitator: Module
Walbourne Nicole Facilitator: Module
Tracey AnneMarie IPE Planning Committee
Department of Psychology  
Button Pam Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module; Curriculum Team
Chruchill Anne Marie Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module
Garland Sheila Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module; Curriculum Team
Faculty of Medicine  
Adey Tanis Curriculum Team; IPE Planning Committee
Allison Jill Facilitator: Module
Atkinson Stephanie Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Bridger Natalie Curriculum Team
Curran Vernon Facilitator: Module, IPE Planning Committee
Greenland Jonathan Curriculum Team
Hearn Taryn Curriculum Team
Heath Olga Curriculum Team
LeDrew Kellie Curriculum Team
Mathieson Sarah Facilitator: Skills Training Series
O'Dea Jennifer Facilitator: Skills Training Series; Curriculum Team
Pendergast Amanda Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Pollock Nathaniel Facilitator: Module
Radu Greg Curriculum Team
Rajan Rajive Facilitator: Module
Renouf Tia Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Scully Frances Facilitator: Skills Training Series
St. John Kim Facilitator: Module
Stringer Katherine Curriculum Team
Tabrizchi Reza Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Trahey Julia Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module
White Hubert Facilitator: Module
Faculty of Nursing  
Brennan-Hunter Andrea IPE Planning Committee
Bursey Mary Curriculum Team
Crossman Renee Curriculum Team
Haynes Chantille Facilitator: Module
MacDonald Sandra Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Meadus Robert Curriculum Team
Porr Caroline Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module; Curriculum Team
Snow Nicole Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module; Curriculum Team
School of Pharmacy  
Clarke Amy Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module; Curriculum Team
Davis Erin Facilitator: Skills Training Series; IPE Planning Committee
Donnan Jennifer Facilitator: Module
Genge Terri Curriculum Team
Kelly Debbie Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Lee Tiffany Facilitator: Module
Pevida Ary Facilitator: Skills Training Series, Module
Phillips Leslie Facilitator: Module; IPE Planning Committee
School of Social Work  
de Jong Kathy Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team
Hair Heather Curriculum Team; IPE Planning Committee
Janes Julia Facilitator: Module
School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
Byrne Jeannette Curriculum Team
Cullen Kim Facilitator: Skills Training Series
McGowan Erin Facilitator: Skills Training Series
Sullivan Anne Marie Curriculum Team; IPE Planning Committee
Western Regional School of Nursing
Lamswood Jennifer Curriculum Team
Moores Pam Facilitator: Module
Newton Rebecca Curriculum Team
Whyatt Brenda Facilitator: Module; Curriculum Team