On Campus Counselling

MD learners and residents can access the following counselling and support services on campus:

Office of Learner Well-Being & Success, Faculty of Medicine
MD learners and residents can schedule an appointment with the Learner Well-Being Consultants Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. If a learner needs to meet outside of these hours arrangements can be made via email.  Connect with a Learner Well-Being Consultant here.

MUN Student Wellness & Counselling Center (SWCC)
SWCC provides counselling, health, and wellness support for all Memorial University learners at no cost to the learner. For more information, visit the SWCC websiteBook an appointment here.

MUN Sexual Harassment Office
The Sexual Harrassment Office serves all members of the Memorial University community. Explore the Sexual Harassment Office website for sexual harrassment and assault policies and procedures. For more information, visit the Sexual Harassment Office website or contact a Sexual Harassment Advisor here.

Legal Affairs

The Memorial University Undergraduate Students' Union will pay for one session with a lawyer for undergraduate learners.

Specific Course Concerns
Talk to the course chair, or the particular lecturer involved to review and discuss topics or to review your exam or paper. It is sometimes in your best interest to review each exam - not only to see where you went wrong, but also to make sure that your grades have been tabulated correctly.

Overall Academic Concerns
Talk to your Phase Leader or Clerkship coordinator to discuss any overall academic concerns you may have.

Career Concerns

Email us to make an appointment to talk to one of our Directors of Learner Well-Being & Success:

  • Dr. Teri Stuckless
  • Dr. Patti Power
  • Dr. Jamie Farrell