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Proposing Changes to the University Calendar

Approval Date: 2023-10-03

Effective Date: 2027-10-03

Responsible Unit: Office of the Dean of Medicine


Other Calendar Changes — Consists of editorial updates to sections such as, undergraduate, postgraduate, professional development and preambles, which are not directly related to an undergraduate or graduate program.

Unit — UGME, PGME, administrative department, centre, office, or division within the Faculty of Medicine.

Unit Head — Assistant Dean or Associate Dean for a Unit in the Faculty of Medicine.



The function of the Faculty of Medicine’s (FoM) Faculty Council “shall be to approve, for recommendation to the Senate, all regulations, courses and programs of study of the Faculty of Medicine, and to discuss and take action upon academic matters affecting the Faculty”.

The Policy Coordinator is responsible for the administration of Faculty Council, which includes providing assistance on the process for proposing changes to the University Calendar.


To outline a clear process for the approval of FoM calendar changes to the University Calendar.


This procedure applies to all FoM calendar changes with the exception of Graduate Studies whose approval process is the responsibility of the School of Graduate Studies.

Each Unit is responsible for ensuring relevant information (i.e., course descriptions and program information) is up to date on the Unit’s website.


A.0. The Policy Coordinator is responsible for coordinating FoM calendar changes.

B.0. FoM Units requiring changes to the University Calendar must first discuss the types of proposed changes with the Policy Coordinator. This would include appropriate timelines for review, consultation process and final submission to SCUgs for approval.

B.1. Normally, the process to obtain final Senate approval for calendar changes will take approximately three (3) months.

C.0. Review the types of proposed calendar changes that are required.

C.1. Calendar Changes fall into four categories:

C.1.1. programs

C.1.2. courses

C.1.3. regulations

C.1.4. Other Calendar Changes

C.2. Editorial changes - Editorial changes may include, updates to website links, email addresses, or typographical errors.

D.0. The Undergraduate Calendar Change Proposal Form must be completed in consultation with the Policy Coordinator. The following forms are required for consideration at the levels of approval prior to Senate. The Calendar Change Proposal Form usually consists of three components:

D.1. For Calendar Changes, falling under the category of Other Calendar Changes, the submission should include the following components:

  •  Cover Page
  •  Summary Page outlining the:
     Rationale
     Proposed effective date
     Proposed additions indicated by underlining and deletions by strikethroughs.
     Calendar entry after changes.

E.0. Following completion of the Undergraduate Calendar Change Proposal Form, the proposed calendar changes require university consultation prior to being brought forward to a Faculty Council meeting as a Notice of Motion. The consultation with the university community is normally for a period of four weeks.

i. The Policy Coordinator will circulate the proposed calendar changes for university consultation on behalf of the Unit initiating the changes.
ii. Feedback received is forwarded by the Policy Coordinator to the Unit Head for review and incorporation into the document, where appropriate.

F.0. The Policy Coordinator is responsible for the addition of the item to the Faculty Council agenda.

G.0. The proposed calendar changes will require submission to the FoM Faculty Council. This is a two-step process:

i. The first is to table the proposed calendar changes as a Notice of Motion; and

ii. The second is for Voting on the Notice of Motion.

H.0 The Unit Head is responsible for presenting the proposed calendar changes during both Faculty Council meetings.

I.0 Following approval of the proposed calendar changes, the Policy Coordinator will prepare the final document for the Dean’s signature.

J.0 The Policy Coordinator will submit the signed document to the Secretary, SCUgs with a copy to the Assistant Registrar for Medicine for addition to the Senate agenda.

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