Undergraduate Calendar Change Proposal Forms

The Calendar Change Proposal Form consists of three components:

  1. A Cover Page, which summarizes the type(s) of Calendar change being proposed and is to be signed by the appropriate Dean or Vice-President.
  2. One or more Senate Summary Pages, which feature the information required for consideration by Senate.
  3. An Appendix Page, which features the information required for consideration at levels of approval prior to Senate.

For a comprehensive set of instructions, see the  Instructions for Calendar Changes page.

Senate summary pages

Distribution list

Academic Unit Email Address
Humanities and Social Sciences hss@mun.ca
Business Administration eoldford@mun.ca
Education educdean@mun.ca
Engineering and Applied Science engrconsult@mun.ca
Human Kinetics and Recreation hkrdean@mun.ca
Medicine DeanofMedicine@mun.ca


Nursing deanNurse@mun.ca
Pharmacy pharminfo@mun.ca
Science deansci@mun.ca
Social Work adeanugradswk@mun.ca
Library univlib@mun.ca
Grenfell Campus
Arts and Social Science


Science and the Environment ssedean@grenfell.mun.ca
Fine Arts


Marine Institute
Labrador Institute
Arctic and Subarctic Studies ashlee.cunsolo@mun.ca

Submitted calendar changes

The SCUgS Calendar Change Proposals lists the current Calendar changes that have been submitted to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies.