Consultation Process

The Coordinator, Learner Well-Being and Success (LWS) is available to consult with any undergraduate and post-graduate medical learner in the Faculty of Medicine who has personally experienced behavior considered mistreatment by a member of the Faculty of Medicine. Learners can initiate a consultation process by completing the Mistreatment Complaint Form and submitting it to the Coordinator, LWS, or delegate, by email, in person or via the Memorial Incident Management System (MIMS) using the MIMS Mistreatment Disclosure Form.
(709) 864-6301 or call toll free at 1 (877) 794-9740

The Coordinator, LWS will:

  • Be available for consultation to learners who may have personally experienced mistreatment;
  • Be available to bystanders who may have witnessed learner mistreatment;
  • Provide information regarding the Policy for the Resolution of Incidents of Medical Learner Mistreatment in the Faculty of Medicine and the Procedure for the Resolution of Incidents of Medical Learner Mistreatment in the Faculty of Medicine to those requesting a consultation.
  • Act as the primary contact for all of those involved in the complaint process, including investigators, mediators and university administration;
  • Monitor the progress of the informal and formal means of resolving mistreatment concerns or complaints.

Meetings with the Coordinator, LWS do not initiate an informal or formal process under this policy.

Bystanders are encouraged to meet with the Coordinator, LWS regarding any issues or concerns they have regarding learner mistreatment. A bystander cannot initiate a complaint but may be interviewed as a witness in the event of an investigation.

The Coordinator, LWS is an impartial party during this process. Their role is to endeavor to ensure that the procedures are followed, provide information to the parties, and ensure that the parties involved understand the procedures and the options available to them.

The Coordinator, LWS will keep a confidential record of consultations, any advice given and any outcome achieved. Only people with a bonafide need to know the details of a situation will have access to such information and access is limited to the scope of their responsibilities. Any reports generated by the Coordinator, LWS will only include non-identifying information, for statistical purposes only. All records are handled in accordance with the University’s Information Management policy, the Privacy policy, the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and other applicable legislation.

Forms can be found here and must be submitted to the Coordinator, LWS.

The Coordinator, LWS is located in the Office of Learner Well-Being and Success in the Faculty of Medicine in suite M2M115. Meetings can be arranged by telephone, email, virtual, or in-person. Individuals can bring a support person with them for the consultation. This support person must complete a Consent Form for a Support Person to attend Consultation / Interview form. They are not permitted to speak on behalf of the individual who requested the consultation.