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Brenda Wilson

Professor, Community Health and Humanities MBChB MSc MRCP(UK) FFPH

Community Health and Humanities



Faculty of Medicine, M4M103

I joined Memorial University in 2018, moving from the University of Ottawa and, before that, the University of Aberdeen. I’m a physician, specializing in public health and preventive medicine.


Over the span of three decades, my research addressed the population and health system aspects of developments in genetics, genomics, and precision health. I also maintained research and professional and academic service oriented towards evidence-based approaches to prevention in primary care and population screening. During the pandemic, I became interested in the challenges faced in public health decision-making under uncertainty, and in public health governance and leadership. 

As I plan for retirement, I am winding down my own research activities, and directing my energies to supporting colleagues and, especially, the next generation of population health and applied health researchers. I am therefore supporting my colleagues in their supervisory role and not available to take on master’s or doctoral students as primary supervisor. If you are a student seeking a supervisor, please visit the web pages of my talented colleagues.

Recent publications

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