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Michael J. Wahl

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anatomy PhD (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

BioMedical Sciences


Health Sciences Centre Room 4307 Division of BioMedical Sciences Faculty of Medicine Memorial University of Newfoundland 300 Prince Philip Drive St. John's, NL, CANADA A1B 3V6

Research and Education Program:

Occupational medicine, human performance and obesity – an academic approach to solving real world problems to worker health.

Dr. Wahl has devoted much of his time on offshore oil rigs and months in remote industrial locations helping organizations in different industries take a proactive role to mitigating worker health risks to positively shift their health and safety culture.

Dr. Wahl’s work in safety and human physiology has led to research into a variety of industry generated investigations including obesity prevention in industrial workforces, bona fide occupational work requirements for the offshore industry, ergonomic evaluations of emergency egress from marine workplaces, and cannabis impairment in safety sensitive environments. Dr. Wahl is a certified professional ergonomist and was part of the CSA standard on Fatigue Management in first responders. His research is performed in conjunction with the Centre for Offshore and Remote Medicine (MEDICOR) who’s mandate is to carry out research and development projects related to all health aspects of offshore oil, marine, diving and space industries, as well as other industries involved with remote operations, environmental stresses or hazards.

Much of Dr. Wahl’s work has been presented in the private sector and industry conferences and is aimed towards community outreach and application into health behaviour change. Mike also is the host of the Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle show on VOCM which is a community education program featuring experts in the field of health aimed at providing health literacy to the listening audience on a variety of topics.


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