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Sean Murphy

Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) and Chair of Medicine B.Sc. St. Francis Xavier, B.Med.Sc., M.D. Memorial, FRCPC

Medicine Nephrology

709 864-6452


Faculty of Medicine Room M3M105 Memorial University, 300 Prince Philip Drive, St. John's, NL Canada A1B 3V6

What brought me to MUN? What Keeps Me At MUN?

I trained in Nephrology at Memorial University and was fortunate to join the group here after I completed my fellowship. I enjoy the mix of clinical work, research, and teaching at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

I completed my Internal Medicine and Nephrology training in St. John’s, followed by a two year health research fellowship. I completed a certificate of medical teaching in 2011

Research/Teaching Summary:

I have been Chair of the Undergraduate Medical Studies (UGMS) Committee since 2011 and I have been involved in the Clinical Epidemiology graduate program since 2000. I have an interest in curriculum development at all levels of medical training.

My research interests include various aspects of the medical management of dialysis patients and medical education topics.


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