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Richard Lush

Assistant Professor of Medicine/Regional Chief Internal Medicine-Central Health M.D. Memorial, FRCPC

Medicine General Internal Medicine



Central Health Consultants Grand Falls, Windsor

What Brought me to MUN? What keeps me at MUN?

I grew up in St. John’s and completed my postsecondary education at MUN. Upon completion of my GIM training I moved to central Newfoundland to set up practice. I was very fortunate to train at MUN as it provided me with all the skills needed to practice in a rural setting. My practice is very much a General Internal Medicine practice affording me the opportunity to provide services from several subspecialty areas. Practicing in NL means I get to enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, salmon fishing and all things outdoors. I have been very fortunate to both train at MUN and to practice in NL.


BSc Hons. (Behavioural Neuroscience) 1995 - MUN
Graduate of MUN Medical School 1999
LMCC 1999
FRCPC 2003
Physician Leadership and Management Certificate 2015
Currently Completing Certificate in Medical Education and Teaching - MUN


General Internal Medicine at MUN

Research/Teaching Summary:

Providing Medical Education and teaching in a rural setting since 2003.


Dr. John Simpson Award for Teaching Excellence 2000 and 2001

Dr. Craig Loveys Award for Teaching Excellence from MUN Family Medicine 2011


Biochemical Abnormalities in Patients with One or More C282Y or H63D Mutations of the HFE Gene for Hereditary Hemochromatosis. Accepted for poster presentation at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in 2001.

“The Turkey gets the Last Laugh – A Review of Foreign Body Aspiration.” Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Journal March 2013.