Faculty A-Z

Zhiwei Gao

Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology Ph.D., M.Sc., M.D., Tianjin Medical University (Tianjin, China)

Community Health and Humanities



Medical Education Building Faculty of Medicine, 4M130


PhD in Epidemiology (Feb 2013), University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
Major: Genetic Epidemiology
MSc in Epidemiology (Nov 2005), University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
Major: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
MPH (Sep 1997), Peking Union Medical College (Beijing, China)
Major: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
MD (Jul 1991), Tianjin Medical University (Tianjin, China)


Postdoctoral fellow (May 2013 - Oct 2014), University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
Major: Clinical Epidemiology in Tuberculosis


I have been the course chair of MED 6260 (Applied Data Analysis for Epidemiology) since 2017.

Journal publications (last 3 years 2018-2020):
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