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Kris Aubrey-Bassler

Associate Professor Director, Primary Healthcare Research Unit MD CCFP(EM)

Family Medicine Emergency Medicine

709-777-8304 (office) 709-864-7795 (clinic)


Room 425, Janeway Hostel

Dr. Kris Aubrey-Bassler joined Discipline of Family Medicine and the Primary Healthcare Research Unit as an Assistant Professor in July 2008. In 2013, he attained the title of Associate Professor.

Dr. Aubrey-Bassler completed his medical education at the University of Ottawa in 2001 and family medicine residency training with Family Medicine North, based in Thunder Bay and affiliated with McMaster University. After that, he went on to complete additional residency training in rural advanced skills including gastrointestinal endoscopy, emergency and intensive care. He holds a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and the CCFP(EM) certificate. Until his appointment at Memorial, Dr. Aubrey-Bassler practiced full scope rural family medicine including clinic, emergency, obstetrics, inpatient, palliative care, remote First Nations clinics, minor surgery, and long term care in Marathon, Ontario.

Dr. Aubrey-Bassler’s primary research interests are in the distribution of services between rural and urban hospitals and organizational models of primary care. He is also involved with projects on chronic disease prevention and screening, nutrition and cancer outcomes, and obstetrical services.

Dr. Aubrey-Bassler is the scientific lead on the CIHR Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovations Network for this province and has been or is currently the primary investigator on several studies funded by CIHR, RDC, NLMA, NLCAHR, Eastern Health, and MUN.

Selected Publications

Aubrey-Bassler K, Cullen RM, Simms A, Asghari S, Crane J, Wang P, Godwin M. Outcomes of delivery by family physicians or obstetricians: A population-based cohort study using an instrumental variable. CMAJ 2015 Oct; 187(15):1125-32.

Manca DP, Aubrey-Bassler K, Kandola K, Aguilar C, Campbell-Scherer D, Sopcak N, O'Brien MA, Meaney C, Faria V, Baxter J, Moineddin R, Salvalaggio G, Green L, Cave A, Grunfeld E. Implementing and evaluating a program to facilitate chronic disease prevention and screening in primary care: A mixed methods program evaluation. Implementation Science 2014, 9(135).

Wong ST, Chau LW, Hogg W, Teare GF, Miedema B, Breton M, Aubrey-Basller K, Katz A, Burge F, Boivin A, Cooke T, Francoeur D, Wodchis WP. An international cross-sectional survey on the Quality and Costs of Primary Care (QUALICO-PC): Recruitment and data collection of places delivering primary care across Canada. BMC Family Practice Open 2015;16:20. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2296/16/20.