Information for Respondents

The Coordinator, LWS will provide guidance to the Respondent, provide information on the policy and procedures, and facilitate referrals to other services as needed. 

Respondent's Participation

The Respondent may decide whether or not to participate in any investigation. However, the process shall continue in the absence of such participation by the Respondent.

Contacting the Respondent of the Complaint

The Coordinator, LWS or delegate receives a Mistreatment Complaint Form. Within five days of receiving the complaint, the Associate Dean, LWS or delegate will be provided a copy for the form to review. If the Associate Dean, LWS or delegate determines to proceed with the formal procedure, the following documentation will be sent to the Respondent within 3 days:

  • Copy of the Mistreatment Complaint form;
  • Copy of the Policy for the Prevention and Resolution of Learner Mistreatment in the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Written notice of the complaint and contact information for the Office of LWS;
  • Written notice that they may respond in writing and that a copy of their response will be provided to the Complainant and the Associate Dean, LWS;
  • Written notice of any interim measures imposed, where applicable.

The above information will be sent to the Respondent by Express Post with signature, hand-delivery or by some other means through which proof of delivery can be obtained.

Respondent's Right to Respond

The Respondent may respond in writing to the allegations contained in the complaint, provided such written responses are delivered to the Coordinator, LWS within 5 days of receiving the complaint.

Within 5 days of receiving any response, the Associate Dean, LWS or delegate will review the response and make a determination on whether or not to proceed to an investigation.

At any point after the filing of a formal complaint, the Complainant and Respondent can agree to pursue an informal resolution without proceeding with an investigation. This would require written agreement from the Complainant, Respondent and the Associate Dean, LWS or delegate.