Information for Complainants

A learner who feels they have experienced mistreatment should meet with the Coordinator, LWS. A support person can accompany a learner to this meeting but are not permitted to speak on behalf of the individual requesting the consultation. They must sign a Consent form for Support Person to attend Consultation. The consultation does not initiate an informal or formal process.

The Coordinator, LWS shall provide information about the Policy for the Prevention and Resolution of Medical Learner Mistreatment in the Faculty of Medicine and its related Procedures. The Coordinator, LWS will also provide information regarding available Memorial and/or community resources and can refer the learner to another academic or administrative unit if found that the issue brought forward for consultation does not fall under this policy.

Interim Measures

When deemed appropriate, the Associate Dean, LWS or delegate may recommend to the appropriate leadership (Associate Dean, UGME, Associate Dean, PGME, Assistant Dean, Faculty Wellness, Equity and Professionalism) that interim measures be implemented as may be necessary in exceptional circumstances. Any measures would be implemented to protect the well-being, safety and security of the Complainant, Respondent, or both, or to protect other members of the FoM community while a situation is being resolved, investigated, or decided. These measures would be precautionary, not disciplinary and do not indicate a finding of fact.