Informal Resolution

If you have experienced mistreatment, you are encouraged to meet with the Coordinator, LWS to discuss your options. The Coordinator, LWS can answer your questions and provide guidance to ensure you make informed decisions.

To request the informal process, the learner who has experienced mistreatment (Complainant) shall complete and sign the Learner Mistreatment Complaint form and submit it to the Coordinator, LWS, or delegate. The Coordinator, LWS will consult with a Director, LWS or others as may be required, to review the concern to determine if it falls within the parameters of the policy.

If the concern does not fall within the policy, the Complainant will be notified in writing and provided with the reasons.

If the concern does fall within the parameters, the Associate Dean, LWS will assign a Director, LWS to facilitate the resolution of the concern. The Director, LWS will work with the parties, individually or together, with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. The Director, LWS may consult with others to achieve a resolution.

This process normally will not exceed thirty (30) days from the day the concern was brought forward, but the time frame may be extended as appropriate.

If an acceptable resolution is not achieved, the Director, LWS will discuss options with the Complainant.