Anonymous Disclosures

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Learners may access and complete a MIMS Anonymous Disclosure report. This procedure is available to learners currently enrolled or were enrolled within the last 30 days. Learners from another medical school completing an elective at Memorial are also included.

Learner completes the Faculty of Medicine, Anonymous Disclosure Report.  The Coordinator, LWS, accesses the report and within five days, reviews it with a Director, LWS. The Associate Dean, LWS will notify, in writing, the Administrative Head of the subject of the concern of the disclosure. A time lapse not exceeding 6 months may occur in order to maintain the anonymity of the learner. Within five days, the Administrative Head will meet with the individual who is the subject of the concern to bring it to their attention and discuss the disclosed behavior. The Administrative Head will notify the Associate Dean, LWS, in writing and within 30 days that the concern was raised and discussed.

If concerns that are the same or similar to other concerns that have been received about the same individual or situation, the Associate Dean, LWS may make further inquiries including informing the Associate Dean UGME / PGME.

Information will be handled under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015. Non-identifying information will be retained for identifying professional development needs among faculty, staff and learners. The information will be used for statistical purposes. The Dean, Faculty of Medicine, will receive a summary report at least annually.

Information will be handled in accordance with this Procedure and with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015.

Retention of concerns and reports from the data fall under the Campus Security Reporting Classification and Retention Schedule.