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Martha Traverso-Yepez

Honorary Research Professor PhD (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)

709 864-6086


Community Health and Humanities Faculty of Medicine, M4M134 Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John’s, NL Canada, A1B 3V6



  • MED6723 Health Promotion - Online and Face to Face (separate offers)
  • MED6225 Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health (online)
  • Directed Readings in Health Promotion and Social Determinants of Health

Research Interests

I am a qualitative researcher and my research interests are mainly focused on health equity and on ways to promote positive, healthy environments, where every citizen may thrive from the early beginnings in life.

Areas of Research: children and youth health and wellbeing, maternal health and well-being, social resilience and relational well-being, community-based research

Research Projects
Engaging Mothers to Make Mental Health a Critical Item in Primary Health Care Assessment.
Martha Traverso-Yepez (PI), Caroline Porr (Co-PI), Ann Drover, Brenda Oldford, Roger Chafe, Clare Bessell, Barbara Young, Newfoundland and Labrador SUPPORT (Support for People and Patient Oriented Research and Trials) – CIHR Grant Program. $62,809. Period: 2017/10-2019/01
The effectiveness of wraparound supports for young mothers experiencing at risk environments. Roger Chafe, Martha Traverso-Yepez, Jill Allison. Funding: Janeway Foundation ($15,000). Period: 2016/8 – 2018/8
Framing Preventive Measures for Children’s Adverse Experiences.
Martha Traverso-Yepez (PI), Sandra Luscombe, Leslie Rourke. Funding Agency: Janeway Foundation. Amount: $15,000. Period: 2013-2016
A Study of Food Security among Elderly Population and Single Parents in St. John’s: Atanu Sarkar, Martha Traverso-Yepez, Veresh Gadag. Funding: Harris Centre ($ 15,000). Period (2013/12-2015)

Public Engagement Accomplishments:

Engaging Newfoundland and Labrador in Designing an Integrated Perinatal Mental Health System of Care. Martha Traverso-Yepez, Caroline Porr, Ann Drover, Brenda Oldford, Clare Bessell, Barbara Young, Maureen Bethel, Heather Bartlett. Public Engagement Accelerator Fund, MUN Harris Centre, $ 10,000. Period: 2019/4 -2020/1

Public Forum: The Lifelong Impact of Adverse Experiences in the Early Years. Memorial Public Engagement Quick Start Fund/Harris Centre (2016) Role: Principal Applicant

Selected Publications – Peer reviewed

  • Traverso-Yepez, M.; Luscombe, S; Rourke, (2017). Connecting the dots: An ecological lens to preventive measures for children’s adverse experiences. Social Work Public Health; 32(5): 339-354. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28535118
  • Traverso-Yepez, M (2017) The lifelong impact of early experiences and its connection with mental and physical health. NL Quarterly, Vol 109 (4), p.46-49
  • Traverso-Yepez, M.; Andrew Safer (2017). Navigating anxiety and stress through mindfulness. Review Paper – Journal of Psychology and Cognition, Volume 2, Issue 3.
  • Traverso-Yepez M, Hunter K. (2016) From “Healthy Eating” to a Holistic Approach to Current Food Environments. Sage Open: DOI: 10.1177/2158244016665891 Published 26 August 2016. http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/6/3/2158244016665891.abstract
  • Duke P, Marshall G, Ratnam S, Dawson L, Fontaine D, Lear A, Traverso-Yepez M, Graham W, Ravalia M, Mugford G, Pike A, Fortier J, Peach M. (2015). Effect of vaginal self-sampling on cervical cancer screening rates: a community-based study in Newfoundland. BMC Women's Health. 15(47)
  • Traverso-Yepez M, Allison J. (2013). The culture of consumption and the construction of youth at risk as a health issue in rural communities. APORIA - The Nursing Journal. 5(4): 32-39.
  • Traverso-Yepez M, Maddalena V, Bavington W, Donovan C (2012), Community Capacity Building for Health: A Critical Look at the Practical Implications of This Approach. SAGE Open: 1–12: http://sgo.sagepub.com
  • Veras RM, Traverso-Yépez M (2011). The Kangaroo Program at a Brazilian maternity hospital: the preterm ⁄ low-weight babies’ health-care under examination. Nursing Inquiry; 18(1): 84–91
  • Traverso-Yépez M (2009). The difficulties of dealing with social inequities at the Family Health Program in Brazil. Critical Public Health, v.19, n.2, p.193-202. Access:http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a912803855~db=all?jumptype=alert&alerttype=author,email

Book Chapters:

  • Traverso-Yepez, M.; Sarkar, A.; Gadag, V.; Hunter, K. (2018) The lived experience of food (in)security among seniors and single parents in St. John’s, NL. In C. Keeske (Ed.). Food Futures: Growing a Sustainable Food System for Newfoundland and Labrador. St. John’s: ISER Books, pp.141-168
  • Doyle, E.; Traverso-Yepez, M. (2018). Living Lessons of the School Food Environment: A Case Study of a School Greenhouse in Newfoundland and Labrador. St. John’s: ISER Books, pp.85-110
  • Pinheiro, VS.; Traverso-Yepez M. (2010). Dialogue and Transformation: Building new forms of social relations (Dialogo e transformacao: Buscando construir novas formas de relacao social). In Fernando lacerda & Racquel Guzo (Ed). Psiologia social para a American Latina: O resgate da psicologia da libertacao. Campinas.
  • Traverso-Yépez, M. A. (2007). Examining Transformative Learning amidst the challenges of self-reflection. In: Morgan Gardner. (Org.). Narrating Transformative Learning in Education. Toronto: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 157-171.