Faculty A-Z

Anne Kearney

Associate Professor BN (Memorial), MHSc (Toronto), PhD (Memorial)


t: 777-6754; f: 777-7037


Rm: HSC 3467

Research Interests:

  • breast screening evidence
  • nursing work life
  • interprofessional education and collaboration

Research Projects:

  • The Safety Competencies and CanMEDS Collaborative Health Professional Education Competencies: Integration in Health Professional Education Curriculum
    Funder: Department of Health and Communities Services
    Investigators: S. Peters, O. Heath, & A. Kearney
  • The Safety Competencies and CanMEDS Collaborative Health Professional Education Competencies: Integration in Health Professional Education Curriculum
    Funder: Canadian Patient Safety Institute
    Investigators: S. Peters, O. Heath, & A. Kearney
  • An Environmental Scan of Cancer Research in NL 2009
    Funder: Mitacs ACCELERATE Graduate Research Integrity Program
    Student: Chris Shortall, Masters of Applied Health Services Research Program
  • Quality of Worklife of Novice Nurses: A Qualitative Exploration 2009
    Funder: SSHRC/Vice President Research Grant, Memorial University
    Investigators: V. Maddalena (PI), A. Kearney (Co-PI), and L. Adams (Co-I)
  • Aging Successfully with a Chronic Disease: The MS Experience
    Funder: Dr. W. Ingram Award for Research, Memorial University
    Investigators: M. Ploughman (PI), A. Kearney (Co-I), M. Stenfanelli (Co-I), & M. Godwin (Co-I)
  • Atlantic Symposium on Privacy in Health Services and Policy Research
    Funder: Canadian Institute for Health Research / Institute for Health Services and Policy Research
    Investigators: Vianne Timmons (PI) & Anne Kearney
  • Assessment of Assistive Technology Provision in Atlantic Canada
    Funder: Green Shield Canada Foundation
    Investigators: A. Kearney (PI for NL), T. Rathwell (nominated PI from NS), E. Biden, & V. Timmons
  • A Retrospective Study Examining the Role of Personal Palpation in the Detection of Invasive Breast Cancer
    Funder: Health Care Foundation
    Investigators: A. Kearney (PI), P. Wang, E. Warren, & Kaing
  • Psychosocial Needs of Women who have Surgery for Breast Cancer as an Out-patient
    Investigators: A. Kearney (Co-I) with D. Dawe (PI), L. Bennett, & D. Western
  • Assessment of Faculty Development Needs Related to Interprofessional Education (IPE)
    Survey of faculty members involved with IPE in the Faculty of Medicine and Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy and Social Work
    PI: A. Kearney
  • IECPCP Service Learning Projec: Agency Evaluation
    PI: A. Kearney

  • MED6288 Health Policy
  • N2014 Community Health Nursing Theory
  • N2514 Community Health Practice I
  • N4512 Community Health Practicum
  • Interprofessional education with students from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social work, human kinetics and recreation, police studies, and clinical psychology as well as practising clinicians
Highlighted Accomplishments
  • Academy for Healthcare Improvement Duncan Neuhauser Award for Curriculum Innovation: Patient Safety Undergraduate Education Module
  • Former Principal of the Atlantic Regional Training Centre
  • Former Co-Director, Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education
  • Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies, MUN
Peer Reviewed Papers:
  • The path to self-management: A qualitative study in older people with Multiple Sclerosis. Physiotherapy Canada. (In Press).
  • Quality of worklife of novice nurses: A Qualitative Exploration. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development. (In Press).
  • Factors influencing healthy aging with Multiple Sclerosis. Disability and Rehabilitation. (In Press).
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