Declare Your Program

All students should ensure their program, major, and minor (if applicable) is declared before completion of 60 credit hours.

If you already know the program you intend to study, officially declaring has many benefits that you might not realize. Here are just a few of the benefits of declaring your degree program as soon as possible:

  • Register easily for courses reserved or restricted for students declared in that program/major/minor;
  • Be included in emails and communications from your academic unit about news, events and work opportunities;
  • Connect with other students studying the same subject to share ideas, information, and advice and get involved with your student society;
  • Be automatically considered for any program-specific scholarships, bursaries or awards;
  • Be considered for your academic unit dean's list each year.

The sooner you declare your program, the sooner you will be in the loop for all things connected to your area of study.

Program declaration at time of admission

While general admission does not require you to select a program on your application for admission, it is advisable to do so. If admitted, you may change your selection before the start of registration or during your first year (subject to some conditions).

Admission directly from high school, or at any point during your attendance at Memorial, is available to programs in the following academic units: Business, Engineering, Human Kinetics and Recreation, Humanities and Social SciencesMusicNursing, Science; and to programs offered at the Grenfell Campus.

Make sure you are aware of applicable deadlines and semesters of intake for competitive-entry programs.

Program declaration for current students

Humanities and Social Sciences

To declare most majors and minors from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, email to make your choice official.

There are some exceptions which require signatures on a declaration form (below) or have a competitive application process. We recommend you speak with an advisor in the academic unit of the major or minor you are considering.

Declaration forms

Business Administration

Business minor

To declare a minor from the Faculty of Business Administration, the signature of the department head is required on the declaration form.

Bachelor of business administration

If you are a current student and want to declare a bachelor of business administration, you should email to make your choice official.

Other business programs

The other programs available through the Faculty of Business Administration have competitive entry and therefore require a supplementary application for students to be considered.

If you would like to speak with someone about the business programs, contact


Music minor

To declare a minor from the School of Music, email

Music degrees

All degree programs offered by the School of Music have a competitive admission process. We recommend that you email to speak with an advisor in the School of Music if you are considering applying for one of their programs.


To declare a major or minor from the Faculty of Science, the signature of the department head is usually required on the declaration form.

There are some exceptions which have competitive application processes and they include biology, biochemistry and psychology. We recommend you speak with an advisor in the academic unit of the major you are considering.

Education, Medicine, Pharmacy and Social Work

Some programs require you to complete a prescribed program of university-level studies or equivalent in order to be eligible to apply for admission. These include programs offered by the following academic units: Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Social Work; and programs offered at the Marine Institute.

If you are planning to apply to a competitive-entry program, check the application deadlines to make sure your application and supporting documents are submitted on time.


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