Academic advice and information

The path is yours, but academic advisors at the Academic Advising Centre (AAC) can help. Advisors help students explore/clarify academic interests, make educational plans, address academic concerns or questions, and use information and campus resources to help achieve academic goals. Seeking out the correct academic advice is vital to the success for any university degree.

Check out advice for undergraduate students for relevant academic information to help guide your journey.

If you are a student at Grenfell Campus, email to connect with an academic advisor on your campus, or book an appointment online.

Find and meet with your assigned academic advisor

Download the Navigate for Students app to find and book an appointment with your assigned advisor. Your assigned advisor is listed under the Resources tab on the first day of classes in each semester. 

If you do not see an advisor listed, you can always seek advising supports from the academic advisors at the AAC by emailing

Looking for a form?

Whether it’s changing your name, declaring a program, or asking for a waiver, all the different forms you may need can be accessed via from the Registrar's Office.

If you plan to seek a course load waiver or submit a cancellation of registration form, you are advised to contact the senior advisor for the Humanities and Social Sciences programs or the senior faculty advisor for the Science programs.