Changes to Your Registration

Electronic submission of a course change form

The following process for submitting electronic Course Change forms should be followed at this time using your email account.

Late drops: update on signatures required

For Spring and Fall 2021 semesters, the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies has approved the extension of a motion to reduce the number of required signatures for a drop after the end of the eighth week from two to one. Only the signature of the appropriate department head or head of the academic unit (for non-departmentalized faculties and schools) is required.

Once you have completed your initial registration, you may make changes through the drop and add process. Changes in registration are not official unless you follow the correct process:

Prior to changing your registration, you should review the prerequisites for courses you are dropping as one course may impact registration in other courses.

Before making changes to your registration, check the deadlines for adding and/or dropping courses each semester, as well as the academic and financial impacts to you depending on the time in the semester in which you add or drop a course.

You should also review the regulation regarding Adding and Dropping Courses.