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Bachelor of Music

The bachelor of music program is a four year bachelor degree that combines the highest musical excellence in an intimate setting of student and faculty collaboration. From day one you will experience close mentorship to fast track your musical development, professional opportunities to build your career, and a program that equips you with the skills, knowledge and courage to create your musical career.

To best serve your musical ambitions, tailor your program through the following majors:

  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Musicologies (includes music history, world music, jazz and popular music)
  • Joint major in musicologies and performance
  • Major in performance with a minor in composition
  • General music studies
  • Comprehensive major (prepares students for specialized study in music education)


For future K-12 music teachers, the School of Music in partnership with the Faculty of Education offers the five-year conjoint bachelor of music - bachelor of music education degree.

Students who plan to do the bachelor of music conjoint with bachelor of music education degree program should first declare the comprehensive major in their second semester so that they can begin taking music education courses early in their degree program.

Unique Features

As a leading, internationally oriented professional music school, the School of Music has a lot to offer. Here is some of what makes the school special:

  • Career focused - their program will not only make you the best musician you can be; they will prepare you for a professional musical career. With courses including Career Skills, and Music in the Community, professional apprenticeships and access to Memorial University’s entrepreneurship opportunities, you can build a career while building your musicianship.
  • Deep, meaningful mentorship and development - every student receives weekly one-to-one mentorship in their area of applied study.
  • Professional work - it’s not just what you know or what you can do that counts. It is also what you have already done. Their collaborations and partnerships across the music industries will provide you with an array of professional opportunities hard to find anywhere else – from performing to composing, recording to apprenticeships and much more!
  • Music technology - it’s the 21st century. Music and technology are inseparable. Here, you will benefit from dedicated music technology courses, a staff music technologist, and a school that hosts a leading Electro Acoustic research lab.

From start to finish, you will also have a faculty advisor to assist you with course inquiries and selection and help you across your questions about student life. You will also meet the vibrant Student Music Society, organizing events and working with faculty to continuously enrich your experience at the School of Music. This is all in addition to the student services provided by Memorial University.


Admission requirements

Students may apply for admission into the School of Music directly from high school by indicating their desired degree option in the appropriate place on the University Application for Admission/Readmission. In addition to this general application, students must submit a School of Music application form as well as a statement of musical experience and career objectives. The application and supporting documentation is required by the Jan. 15 deadline.

Students are also required to complete a performance audition (on site or remotely) and a series of tests for musical literacy and competency.

Direct entry into the program is subject to the applicant meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University and demonstrating your excellence through your application, audition and music literacy tests.

The bachelor of music is available to student directly from high school is competitive for a limited number of placements. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee a student’s acceptance into the program.


Sample Courses

MUS 1700 - Introduction to Music Technology
MUS 2620 - Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 3751 - Studio Pedagogy


Career Opportunities

With a music degree, you are limited only by your imagination.

Music studies are recognised as among the best for future success. Our graduates go on to careers as performers, composers, teachers, orchestral musicians, entrepreneurs, theorists, musicologists, music therapists, sound engineers and more. Additionally, music has set up many of our graduates for celebrated careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers and business executives.

Here’s a short list of some of the amazing things their graduates do:

  • Operatic Tenor (Germany)
  • Concert Pianist (Hawaii)
  • MTV Vlogger (Everywhere)
  • Film & TV composer (Hollywood)
  • Tonmeister: Technology specialist & sound design (Denmark)
  • Indie rockstar (International)
  • Endocrinologist (Canada)
  • Dean, School of Music (Canada)
  • Videogame composer (Canada/USA)
  • Piano Technician (Dubai)
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January 15

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