Your academic record is a complete record of your academic history at Memorial and it is primarily represented on your transcript. The Registrar's Office distinguishes your academic record from your student file which may include additional supporting documentation related to your admission, registration and graduation.

You can access your academic history through Memorial Self-Service.

Transcripts and education verification

Your transcript is usually the best way to provide verification to another institution, an employer or another third party of your Memorial attendance or credentials earned. Unofficial and official transcripts can be obtained through Memorial Self-Service. The information on your transcript includes course names and titles, semesters attended, grades awarded, semester and cumulative averages, GPA, academic status, transfer credits, credentials awarded and further credentials noted on your record. Our office can also provide specialized letters to verify your education.

Third party requests about your record

Except as authorized by ATIPP Act, 2015, we require your authorization to respond to third party requests about your record. In most cases, you can provide an official or an unofficial transcript as an education verification to a third party. The Registrar’s Office also provides standard or specialized letters to ensure you meet the third party's requirements.

Release of information and records policy

Memorial University is governed by privacy and access to information legislation, policies and procedures that prevent the Registrar's Office from releasing your personal information to anyone but you, except as authorized by ATIPP Act, 2015, without your authorized consent. The information we collect is done so under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is needed for, and will be used to update, your student or academic record. There are a number of policies that we must follow to protect your information, including how long we keep it for and when we can destroy it.

Questions about your record or file?

If you have any questions about your academic record or student file, contact


The Information Access and Privacy Office assists the Registrar's Office and the University in meeting our obligation to protect your personal information.