Memorial University students (current and returning)

If you are taking courses at Marine Institute, College of the North Atlantic, a francophone university that is required under specific degree program regulations, or a university/college that has a formal institutional exchange agreement with Memorial you do not need to complete the following forms.

Current students

As a current student, you may take courses at another educational institution while enrolled at Memorial University and receive transfer credit. Before registering or completing courses from other institutions, you must request a letter of permission.

Returning students

If you are seeking transfer credit as a returning student (i.e. former Memorial student who has not registered for courses in three consecutive semesters), you will need to submit a Retroactive Credit Transfer.

Letter of permission

Along with your request for a Letter of Permission to Transfer Courses from Another Institution, you should submit a copy of the course outline or syllabus for the course(s) you are planning to take.

Before undertaking courses from other institutions, you should ensure that the course(s) will meet overall degree requirements including Residence Requirements and departmental regulations by contacting your academic advisor.

If you did not complete the letter of permission before you attend another institution, you will need to complete the Retroactive Credit Transfer in order to have your courses transferred to Memorial when you return.

Fee and processing time

For letters of permission and the retroactive permission to transfer credits, there is a $30 fee per institution and per semester for these requests. 

It typically takes three to four weeks to complete the process after a request is made and all course outlines are received. The time required to complete the process depends on the number and nature of the courses and subject areas involved and the degree of detail available from the course information you have supplied.