After the Last Day to Drop

Electronic submission of a course change form

The following process for submitting electronic Course Change forms should be followed at this time using your email account.

Late drops: update on signatures required

For Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters, the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies has approved a motion to reduce the number of required signatures for a drop after the end of the eighth week from two to one. Only the signature of the head of the academic unit of the student's program or (in the case of a student who has not declared a program) the head of the academic unit of the course in question, who shall consult with the course instructor, is required.

Dropping courses

You can drop a course, using a Course Change form, if the following is true:

  • You are prevented from completing the requirements of a course due to extenuating circumstances and;
  • It is after the last day to drop courses without academic prejudice (for the course(s) in question) and;
  • It is before the last day to add courses in the following semester.

Students wishing to drop courses should pay close attention to the regulations regarding academic prejudice in the university Calendar.

You will be required to submit to the Registrar's Office (A 2003), a Course Change form with the required signatures from the course instructor and the head of your academic unit. If you are not declared in a program, you should acquire the signature of the head of the academic unit of the course in question.

Dropping courses through an appeal

Once the last day to add courses in the following semester has passed you can only drop courses through an appeal.

For more information on dropping courses through an appeal: