Book an Academic Advising Appointment

If you have questions about career options, contact Career Development.
Remote advising

Academic advisors at all Memorial campuses are currently offering remote advising services

Finding your advisor

Download the Navigate for Students app and click on Resources. Your advisor will be listed starting on the first day of classes in each semester.

If you do not see an advisor listed, contact the Academic Advising Centre.

First year students

First year students whose program is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Science, or is unspecified, your advisors are located at the Academic Advising Centre.

First year students who have been accepted into one of the following faculties or schools: Business, Engineering, Human Kinetics and Recreation, Nursing, or Music, you should consult with your academic unit for academic advice.

Students beyond first year

For students who have declared a major or who have been accepted into a program, you should consult with your academic unit for academic advice. For students who do not have a major/program, you can seek advising support from the Academic Advising Centre.


Schedule your appointment

  • Current students can book an appointment with an academic advisor using Navigate for Students.
  • Prospective and returning students can schedule an appointment by calling 709-864-8801 or emailing
  • Drop-ins are also welcome; however, you may have a slight wait for the next available advisor.

Let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment. We can help you reschedule and free up the appointment time for another student.

Preparing for your appointment

  • Make a list of questions for your advisor.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Review your intended program in First Year Information and the university Calendar to help you determine the academic assistance that you require.