At the end of each semester/session, instructors are responsible for submitting final grades for students in the courses they are teaching. Many academic units have their own policies and procedures for recording and entering grades. Ensure that you are aware of these for your particular academic area so that you can meet the University’s deadlines and any other deadlines specific to your academic area.

In accordance with the University's policy on grade returns, grades must be submitted to the head of your academic unit no later than five calendar days after the date of the exam. You are urged to comply with this deadline since failure to do so means grades will not be reported to students. This may result in numerous calls to your academic unit from students requesting grades or other negative consequences to students.

Grades are not deemed to be official until released by the Registrar's Office. Students should not be informed of final examination results until the official release of grades. Final grades are typically released to students through Memorial Self-Service five days following the last day of examinations.

Policies and procedures

There are several policies/procedures that are helpful in the grading process. These include:

Additional points to remember
  • For courses in which numeric grades are assigned, record the numeric grade in the final grade column.
  • For courses in which grades of pass, fail, or pass with distinction are assigned, record PAS, FAL or PWD, respectively.
  • A student who is prevented by illness, bereavement or other acceptable cause from writing the final examination may make a formal written request to the head of your academic unit, requesting a deferred examination. If such a request has been made and has been approved, record ABS. Please have the head of your academic unit forward the extension date to the Registrar's Office.
  • For a student who has not written the final examination and for whom a deferred examination has been neither requested nor approved, record the partial grade (for term work) out of 100%, if applicable. If a deferred examination is approved after these forms are submitted, please notify the Registrar's Office immediately; any delay could have serious negative implications for the student.
  • For a student who has for good cause not completed course work, a grade of INC may be recorded with the approval of the head of the academic unit. If the student does not complete the outstanding course work by the deadline, the final grade submitted should be a partial grade (for all other completed course work) out of 100%, if applicable.
  • For a student who has dropped the course since the class lists were printed, do not enter a grade.
  • For a student who has written the final examination but whose name does not appear:
    • If the course is a multi-section course, check with the other instructors. The student may be registered in a different section;
    • Otherwise, email indicating the grade awarded.
  • Should you need to change a submitted grade, email for a Change of Grade form. For security purposes this form is not publicly available.