Getting involved on campus

Getting involved on campus will help you learn more about yourself, your interests, and your preferred ways of working, while providing the opportunity to build valuable skills that will enrich your university experience and help you build a pathway to career success. Whether you are unsure which program of study to choose or are working toward admission into your intended program, campus involvement will help. Look for opportunities to join a club or society, get involved with a research project, take a job on campus or choose from a huge number of student-run or university-sponsored volunteer opportunities.

Benefits of campus involvement

Getting involved is more than having fun and connecting with others. Whether or not you know what you want to do academically, getting involved offers real benefits that can help you in the short and long term through building skills, making contacts, expanding your network and helping you learn about yourself and the kinds of activities and environments you like.

How to get involved

The benefit of getting involved is only part of the story; knowing where to start is key. Check out these opportunities: