Your personal information

Your personal information was collected through your application to Memorial. You can confirm and make changes to some of your personal information in Memorial Self-Service under the Personal Information menu.

Mailing address, phone numbers, emails

Check your personal information to ensure that your address, phone numbers and emails are active and valid. Update the information as necessary.

  • Login to Memorial Self-Service.
  • Click on Personal Information menu.
  • Under the Personal Information menu, click either:
    • View or Update Email Addresses;
    • View or Update Addresses and Phones;
    • View or Update Emergency Contacts.
  • To update, you can click on the existing information and update the appropriate form. If an entry does not already exist, you will need to add it.
  • If you add a new email address, you may need to verify it by clicking on Send Email Address Verification.
Social Insurance Number (SIN) for international students

International students are eligible for a SIN if they hold a work permit or a study permit that authorizes them to work. A SIN is required to work in Canada. A SIN is not required to file a tax return. If you are not eligible for a SIN and you are considered a resident for tax purposes, you can still file a tax return by applying for an Individual Tax Number. The Internationalization Office can advise you on filing a tax return, applying for a SIN and working in Canada.

Change of name

You can request a change of name by either the Change of Name form or email This change could be a legal name change, a correction to your name (e.g. adding your middle name), or even a request to add a preferred name to your personal information. Documentation will be required for any legal name changes. Once the change has been submitted, allow up to one week for the changes to be implemented. Student Life provides further details on their Trans & Gender Diverse Students' Guide.

If you wish to use a preferred name while attending Memorial, please note that the name on official mail correspondence and on your transcript cannot be changed without a legal name change. 

To make personal information changes or corrections not accessible through Memorial Self-Service, email