Still exploring your program options?

Your academic path is your own to choose and discover. If you have not yet joined a faculty or declared your program, or are transitioning between programs, here you will find information to help as you explore your options and make your way toward the academic program that best suits your interests, strengths and goals. Even so, declaring a program has benefits—and if you discover something along the way, you can change your mind and pursue a different path.

Read more about getting involved on campus, seeking career advice and/or academic advice and declaring your program to help you learn more about your academic journey.

Reasons to declare a faculty while you are still exploring include:

  1. Access to scholarships and awards
    Most scholarships and all dean’s list awards require students to have a declared faculty and/or program. Don’t miss out on the recognition and opportunities that could be available!

  2. Access to reserved seats in courses
    Some seats in courses are reserved for students who are declared in the programs associated with those courses. Having a program declared can help you build the schedule you want and access the courses you need.

  3. Inclusion in program communication
    Get the latest news from your academic unit about new courses, events, and work opportunities.

  4. Connection to students studying the same subject
    Connect with other students studying the same subject to share ideas, information, and get involved with your student society.