Release of information for current students

As a current student you can authorize Memorial University to provide specific personal academic information to a third party. One way to grant this authorization is to complete the Release of Information form specifying the type of information you wish to release and the third party to whom you wish to release this information.

You can also release your transcript or an enrolment verification letter to a third party by submitting the request through Memorial Self-Service.

Your Memorial is usually the best way to provide another institution, an employer or another third party verification of your Memorial enrolment, attendance or credential earned. In some cases, a copy of your unofficial transcript, may be acceptable to a third party.

The enrolment verification letter is a standard letter confirming your program of study and enrolment at Memorial.

You can also authorize verbal release of your information to a third party through the use of a Memorial University Release of Information form, a completed third-party release authorization form, or a signed and dated letter authorizing the release.

Ending authorization

The Release of Information form includes limitation periods for your consent. You may revise or revoke your consent for us to release your information at any time by emailing Authorization of release of information through Memorial Self Service, and other requests with a one time release, end immediately upon the release of information.