At the end of each semester your instructor will submit your final evaluation to the Registrar's Office. Grades are available via Memorial Self-Service by 5 p.m. five calendar days after the last exam in the semester and one week after the last exam in intersession. Exact dates are available on the important dates and deadlines page.

Grades can be numeric or non-numeric (see table below).

Numeric grades are the most common and, typically, they are included in average and grade point average (GPA) calculations. 

Non-numeric grades are not included in a student’s average or GPA calculation. For example, a “PAS” grade will give students the assigned credit hours for successfully completing the course, but it will not be included in the average and GPA calculations. A “FAL” grade will still give zero credit hours just like a failing numeric grade. 

Evaluations will normally consist of one of the following letter grades with the appropriate numeric grade and points awarded for each credit hour:

Letter GradeNumeric GradePoints/Credit Hour
A 80 - 100% 4
B 65 - 79% 3
C 55 - 64% 2
D 50 - 54% 1
F below 50% 0
PWD (pass with distinction) - indicates excellent performance
PAS (pass) - indicates performance meets expectations
FAL (fail) - indicates failing performance
DR (drop) - drop without academic prejudice
DEX (drop) - drop without academic prejudice (exceptional circumstances)
ABS (absent) - absent for acceptable cause
INC (incomplete) - incomplete pending final grade
AEG (aegrotat)
REX (re-examination)