Your Memorial University transcript is the complete and unabridged record of your academic history.

The award of a Memorial University degree, diploma and/or certificate is reflected on your transcript approximately one week following the last session of convocation.

Unofficial transcripts

Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded or printed through Memorial Self-Service. An unofficial transcript provides the same student information as an official transcript; however, it does not have the signature of the Registrar.

Generate unofficial transcript

Login to Memorial Self-Service, click on the "Student Main Menu", then "Academic Information Menu", and finally "Generate Unofficial Transcript PDF". Read the instructions on the screen and then click the "Generate Transcript" button.

Official transcripts

Official transcripts are released directly from the Registrar's Office and have the signature of the Registrar. Students and alumni may require official transcripts when applying to other academic institutions and, in some cases, official transcripts are required by employers.

The transcript key explains what the entries on the transcript mean.

Request an official transcript

To request a printed official copy of your transcript, login to Memorial Self-Service, click on the "Student Main Menu", then "Academic Information Menu", and then "Request Official Transcript."

You may have to verify your email by going to “Update Email Addresses” in “Personal Information” on the “Student Main Menu” so that a receipt can be emailed to you. You will have to verify your email by clicking on “Send Email Address Verification” on the same “Personal Information” menu after you have updated your email address.

You may check the status of your request using the "View Transcript Request Status" menu.

Transcript types

There are three different dates you can choose from to request when your transcript is processed:

  • as of today’s date
  • after grades released (for a specific semester)
  • after graduation or convocation

Be careful when selecting your transcript type from the drop down menu as we cannot reprint an incorrect request.

“As of today’s date” will print your current transcript. To view your current transcript before requesting an official copy, generate an unofficial transcript.

“After grades release” for any given semester means your transcript will not be printed until all grades for a given semester has been received and recorded on your academic record. Note that an incomplete grade is considered received and recorded.

“After graduation or convocation” means your transcript will only print once your degree has been awarded and is recorded on your academic record. 

Fee and processing time

There is a $10 fee for requesting an official transcript. This fee covers printing, packaging and postage costs.

Transcripts requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with a normal processing time of two business days. 

If you are having issues submitting a request, email Registration and Enrolment Services. For your security, we cannot accept requests for official transcripts via email, mail or telephone. We do not issue transcripts as fax or as attachments to email messages.