How to register

Once you've set up your email and your MUN login ID, follow the steps below to understand your responsibilities, plan your schedule and complete your registration.

Before you begin

As you think about registering for courses, you should review information on your registration time and the registration priority policy.

Selecting courses

It is important to select and register for courses that will meet your desired program requirements. New students should follow sample first year programs; all students, declared or not, should review their degree requirements outlined in the university Calendar and seek academic advice to ensure they are on the right track.


A registration hold will prevent you from registering for a course. Review the most common registration holds that may prohibit you from being able to register for courses.


Memorial University offers registration through Memorial Self-Service – a tool used throughout your studies at Memorial for enrolment activities including registration, graduation and applying for readmission to the University. You should set up your account so that you can avail of all the services Memorial Self-Service provides. 

You will receive your registration time via your email and in Memorial Self-Service.

To ensure your registration runs smoothly, review the steps to register, common registration issues and what to do if you're on a waitlist or you're trying to register for reserved courses.