Before the last day to drop

Electronic submission of a course change form

At this time, make sure to follow the process for submitting electronic Course Change forms using your email account.

Adding courses

Normally, students can add courses through Memorial Self-Service during the regular registration period (first two weeks of a semester or first week of a session). In exceptional circumstances, courses may be added after this period. 

If you need to add a course after the end of registration period, you will be required to submit to the Registrar's Office (A 2003) the following documents:

  • Course Change form with signatures of the course instructor and the academic unit for each course;
  • Note from the instructor/academic unit that you have been attending classes regularly or that you will be able to make up the missed material.
Dropping courses

If you wish to drop a course, make sure you are aware of the academic and financial impacts. Unless under exceptional circumstances, courses dropped after the end of the registration period will not receive 100% tuition refund. Check the list of  Important Dates and Deadlines to confirm the deadlines to receive 50%, and 25% tuition refunds.

Until the last day to drop courses without academic prejudice, you can drop most courses using Memorial Self-Service.

If you cannot drop a course using Memorial Self-Service, you must complete and submit to the Registrar's Office (A 2003), a Course Change form with signatures of the course instructor and the head of your academic unit or if you have not declared a program, the head of the academic unit of the course in question.