Academic advice

Academic advising is a collaborative partnership between advisors and students in which advisors assist students in exploring/clarifying academic interests, making educational plans, and using information and campus resources to help achieve academic goals.

Whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, seeking out the correct academic advice is vital to the success for any university degree.

Undergraduate students

The Academic Advising Centre serves prospective, first-year, undeclared and students transitioning between programs at the undergraduate level. If you are unsure what you want to study, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

Finding your advisor

First year students

First year students whose program is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Science, or is unspecified, your advisors are located at the Academic Advising Centre.

First year students who have been accepted into one of the following faculties or schools: Business, Engineering, Human Kinetics and Recreation, Nursing, or Music, you should consult with your academic unit for academic advice.

Students beyond first year

For students who have declared a major or who have been accepted into a program, you should consult with your academic unit for academic advice. For students who do not have a major/program, you can seek advising support from the Academic Advising Centre.

Graduate students

Graduate students should contact the graduate officer of their academic unit to seek academic advice about admissions, program requirements, and other academic related matters.