Education verification

Throughout your time at Memorial, you may be required to provide an education verification to a third party. Typical requests are for insurance, banks, RESPs or for employment. This requirement may be fulfilled through the use of an official or an unofficial transcript. However, you may also wish to provide less information or even more specific information that your transcript provides. The Registrar’s Office provides standard or specialized letters to ensure you meet the third party requirements.

Memorial is using a new Canadian digital credential platform, MyCreds™️ to issue academic documents, including education verification, electronically. Find out more about this platform on the MyCreds™️ FAQ website.

Enrolment verification

Verification or confirmation of enrolment letters typically confirm your program of study, the semester/session you are attending and the number of credit hours you are registered for in a specific semester/session.

Attendance verification

Verification of attendance letters confirm how long and for what semesters you’ve attended Memorial.

Credential verification

Verification of credential letters normally confirm your attendance and whether or not you have a parchment from Memorial (e.g., degree, diploma, certificate).

Each type of request is outlined in more detail and includes information on how to request the letter, how long it takes to process, who to contact for the letter and the charges associated with the request. Contact if you have any questions.