Course outlines and descriptions

Undergraduate students

Detailed course descriptions and outlines are sometimes required to be submitted to other educational institutions or to third parties for review.

Undergraduate course descriptions are available through the university Calendar. Each academic unit has a listing of active courses, which includes course titles, descriptions and attributes. The following is an example of English (ENGL) 1090:

1090 Critical Reading and Writing: Telling Stories is a foundational course for all university programs undertaken at Memorial University of Newfoundland, since understanding how stories work is fundamental to all disciplines. This course focuses on the language we encounter in our reading and use to record our reading experiences. Emphasis is placed on critical reading and writing: analyzing texts, framing and using questions, constructing essays, organizing paragraphs, conducting research, quoting and documenting, revising and editing. All sections of this course follow Critical Reading and Writing Course Guidelines available at
CR: ENGL 1000 or the former 1080

Should you require more specific information regarding a course, including course syllabi, contact the appropriate academic unit.

Graduate students

Email if you require course outlines and descriptions for graduate-level courses.