Final examination re-reads

As a student, you have the option of having your final examination re-read. With the consent of the academic unit, requests for rereads can include clinicals, exams, internships, work terms or final reports, as appropriate.

If you are not satisfied with a grade you received on a final exam, you are encouraged to first request access to your final exam script prior to submitting a request to have the final exam reread. You should also refer to relevant academic units policies and procedures governing rereads of examinations. Refer to Access to Final Examination Scripts for more information. The Reread of Examination form must be received by the Registrar's Office within one month after the official release of grades in each semester.

Processing time

Rereading of examination papers normally takes three to four weeks. You will be notified of the result at that time. A reread of a final examination may result in the grade being increased, lowered or unchanged.


There is a $50 fee per final examination request which you must be paid before submitting your request. If the final letter grade in the course is raised after rereading or if the final numeric grade increases by at least 5%, then the fee is refunded. The fee will not be refunded in the event that the final letter grade in the course is unchanged or lowered, and if the final numeric grade increases by less than 5% or is unchanged or lowered.