The University Registrar is a non-voting member of the Planning and Budget Committee of Senate and a member of the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning and the Senate Committee on Academic Appeals.  The Deputy Registrar serves as Secretary of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies and is a member of the Senate Committee on Academic Appeals. 

Assistant registrars

Connecting and supporting the structure outlined above is the well-established role of the assistant registrar. Assistant registrars liaise with each faculty and school, a relationship that is mutually beneficial. Each assistant registrar partners with their academic unit(s) and the functional areas of the Registrar’s Office to provide oversight and advice regarding operations and regarding appeals/waivers and curriculum development.

More specifically, assistant registrars:

  • Support each faculty/school’s strategic enrolment goals through continuous engagement with existing curriculum, services, and regulations.
  • Are a member of the Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Committee, the Admissions Committee where the faculty/school has competitive entry, the Promotions Committee, and of council.
  • Determine the eligibility for graduation of their students.
  • Provide advice, both academic and in support of the appeals process, to their students.
  • Are actively involved with academic units in the development of new courses and programs, and amended courses and programs.
  • Are uniquely positioned to identify potential roadblocks to and opportunities for student success.