Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education offers a range of undergraduate programs, using a combination of delivery modes, technology and innovative approaches to prepare teachers for careers in the K-12 school system and a variety of adult learning settings. Our programs are designed to prepare new teachers to create exceptional learning environments for their students, to meet the diverse needs of learners, and to engage in critical inquiry about their teaching practice.


Why study education at Memorial?

Whether you choose to be a classroom teacher, a counselor or a leader, there's no better place than the Faculty of Education to help you find your way. The Faculty provides students with:

  • Vibrant education student society
  • State of the art teaching and learning commons for student use
  • An education library filled with resources
  • Customized learning spaces e.g., math, art, French
  • Local, national and international teaching internship opportunities
  • Faculty that leads the way in hands-on learning